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We try to take great care in building relationships with our customers and that's what has helped us grow over the years. We're not perfect, but we are always striving to do better and to be a better Web host for you. Here are some of the comments we've gotten over the years. If you have a story to share about your FatCow experience or want to send Slim a love note? We'd love to hear your feedback.

I'm attracted to FatCow's deal of unlimited hosting and the price is certainly reasonable. I had expected a budget plan where customer service was minimal which would have been fine by me because all I needed was really solid server performance where I didn't have to bother about downtime and the like. What I received though was top-notch customer support to match the hosting service....there's been follow-up actions to all my queries and I'm hugely impressed by the attention they give their customers.
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I would like to take this opportunity to commend the staff at FatCow for their exceptional technical assistance and service in handling questions and problems associated with the websites you host. In particular, I would like to thank Josh for his courtesy, knowledge and concern as he helped me resolve a difficulty I was having changing shipping option settings in ShopSite. Josh quickly understood my problem and worked promptly to find the answer. Within a very short period of time, he helped me to make the necessary changes, and clearly explained the details so that I would have no difficulty making similar changes in the future. I find this type of service is very typical of your technical representatives, which is why I am very happy to have chosen FatCow for my own website and have recommended your service to others for whom I work. Most of them, I am happy to say, are also FatCow customers. Thanks again to Josh and all of the wonderful staff at FatCow. Keep up the good work!!
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This is merely laudatory -- my only other option was to phone up your support staff & embarrass them. I've only been an Internet user since 1999 -- now, I'm consulting about it. I feel as though I owe a sizable fraction of my success to FatCow. When I first signed up, I thought the price was reasonable for a bare-bones service; every time you folks add another little utility, I almost feel guilty. And every time I add or upgrade an account, or walk into a corner that usually gets me an email from your Tech people within an hour, I am thankful. In short: FatCow is lean, swift, rock-steady, smart, & inexpensive.
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FatCow has been hosting our website for two years. They have remained committed to delivering the best value and customer service in Web hosting to the small business user. The technical support group is easily accessible (via telephone or Internet), professional and quick to respond. Our clients have never experienced difficulty accessing our site. We utilize the FatCow Plan, which is a great deal.
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I have been a FatCow customer for two years, and I'm writing to say how delighted I am with the service you provide. Earlier this year I spent two months away from home and computer. I was worried about the huge amount of spam, and also frustrated that I would not be able to access my email. You must have read my mind, because just in time before I left home, you introduced an amazingly efficient spam filter and also a very convenient Web-based system for email access so that I could see my email from Internet cafes around the world. Many thanks for the excellent service you provide ... It's a real bargain.
I am a novice and I just have to say that today, in putting my first Web pages up on your service, I had about the first computer pleasure I have encountered. Your service worked like a dream.... Your end of it worked unbelievably well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of the non-geek user. I will be a devoted (albeit small) customer for life and would happily pay extra for this kind of service, even after the fact.
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I am writing to tell you guys how satisfied I have been as a customer. Your customer service - especially technical support - is remarkably useful and friendly. Please keep up the good work and I'll keep spreading the word!
I have just signed on with your company and it is refreshing to have such nice people to deal with. I would like to thank Dianna in the sales office and Jim in the tech department for their lively disposition and their help. I will recommend your company when I have the opportunity.
Your tech support group is excellent! Please thank Daniel in your Technical Support Group. He was very helpful and knew exactly what to do.
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You guys are the best! I am so happy with my services and trust anything you need to do for your clients. I can't recommend you highly enough! I have had some custom needs and you always take care of me promptly. My Web master has also been happy with your services!


Happy holidays to you. I'm glad to be hosting with you and look forward to our continued association.
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All I can say from our end in Ye Olde Englande is that we are very pleased with the service over the last year (or two!). You guys keep it up and the Web-world will continue to be a better place! We've NEVER got any complaints about access to our site and I seriously think the speed of access has enabled us to log over 1100 page-views per DAY! If it was slower, people wouldn't bother staying at our website.
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To All at FatCow - have a Great Holiday season - you guys are the Best - I have nothing but great things to say about the entire staff. Happy Holidays and a great New Year.
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When I started my business with my family, it quickly became apparent that we would need a website and an identity to tie to it. After checking with my various ISPs and numerous other hosting and domain registration sites and feeling UDDERLY confused and intimidated about the whole process, your hosting company was recommended to one of my partners. It wasn't long before we decided to set up our domain with you and in the few short months our site has been on your servers, I can tell you (as an absolute novice to Web authoring) that I no longer feel the sense of intimidation I once did. Your Control Panel is almost as easy and intuitive to use as my Mac's! The two times I've needed tech support, they responded immediately, professionally and courteously. By the way, when I needed them, it was my own errors, and not FatCow's. Thanks again, for a wonderful hosting experience! I've already recommended you to friends and one so far has already joined!
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You guys have the best service! I've used many hosting companies in the past, big and small. You guys have the easy-to-use package at a super price.

You guys have great customer support! I'll be signing up another happy customer. Thanks.

I just wanted to let you know that you are a goldmine. Not trying to sound corny, but your service is phenomenal, your package is unbelievable and every time I call, I get someone on the phone quick who sounds like they actually love their job and want to help. What planet are you guys from? :)

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the overall job you guys are doing. You have a great service at a great price and you are easily reachable and friendly. That sounds simple, but it's all customers want, and believe me, it's not that common. Kudos to the owners/managers/employees! Keep it up. I've been passing your name on to anyone who wants hosting.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service. The difference is night and day compared to my last provider. I have four times the amount of space, ninety seven more email boxes, faster load times, no down time and all for less than what I was paying before. Ohhh and the Control Panel is an awesome extra. Keep up the good work guys.
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I just wanted drop a note to thank you all for the wonderful service and personal way you treat your customers. I had typed .com by mistake on my return mail address. In order to make sure I got my email from you, I was called at my home to double check my email address. It is treatment like this that is lacking in the world today. Thank you for being a company I can depend on and grow with in the coming years. What a great team! Thanks again.
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